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Tips For Improving Your Social Media Presence


1. Build Great Social Media Profiles

If you or someone you know has already set up your social media profiles, go back and review them. Would you expect to get a job if someone viewed them? Do they describe you? Do you have the latest photo on your profiles?

Profile views are the gateway to targeted website traffic where someone can learn more about who you are, who you help, and how you help!

2.Make sure you have a smart network

Once your profile is setup, start looking for people you know. Ensure you have the right kind of conversations with the right kind of people. Be personal, but not rude. Remember Prude before Rude!!

Build your social media profiles, but if you don’t grow your network, there is no point existing on Social Networks. Grow your network each and every day to expand your visibility and influence. If you’re not seen, you’re not important.

3. Engage with Intent, Focus, and Discipline (EWIFD)

In order to achieve any objectives with your social media profiles, you need to be true and real. Make sure to promote quality content and not just share anything that you find interesting. Make it relevant.

To build followers, fans, and connections, ensure that the content you share and post is relevant to the group. Make custom groups and share with only those people, if the rest may not relate to that particular post/topic.

4. Be Consistent

Form a pattern, may it be times, topics. People like to read about something and then learn more about it. To make it simpler, share a tit bit on one day, then a little more the next and give out information in parts. Cliffhangers – People love them, may it be books, shows, movies, so why not online posts? Being consistent does not mean be boring, have a weekly topic, encourage discussions, set up polls.

All in all, have fun, be professional and most importantly, be informative. Best of luck and here’s to improving your social media presence. Contact Us for more information, guidance and tips on Social Media.

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